Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Upside To Global Warming.

You Can Always Spot The Nouveau Riche...

Muppets Get More A$$ Than a Toilet Seat...

Damn, I Miss Surfing.

I used to live at the beach when I was 19. Dawn Patrols and greasy breakfast at the "Awful Waffle". Sitting in the sun on the back deck of "The Tiki" drinking an ice-cold Corona, listening to Bob Marley on the juke-box and talking about how cool my voice sounded while I was in "the tube".

To My Wife....

Happy New Year From 3-D Monster!!

I know, it's only New Year's eve, but we're having a party tonight, and I probably won't feel like posting too much tomorrow. So you guys be careful out there, and we'll have a great 2010!