Friday, January 15, 2010

Bizarro Wuxtry!

The proprietor; Devlin Thompson.

I bought that plush Bat-Mite toy for Logan a few years ago!

Love the witch on the wall - nice touch.

Don't get much weirder than this!


I'd slit your throat for that giant Frankenstein mask!

This is what looms above the stairway into his basement at home. I've wanted a display like this for years - but I'm not crazy about the lattice

Man, I could spend weeks just going through this guy's stuff!

My kids are huge Pez fans - they'll love to see this one.


I did an art piece based on that exact photo from "Phantom of The Paradise".

A black-light room in the crapper?!? LOVE IT!!!

My good friend and fellow blogger, Kirk Demarais, took a vacation to Georgia awhile back, and one of his stops was at Athen's world famous Bizarro-Wuxtry Comic Shop. This place is an overload for the senses! It's my favorite type of comic shop; old, musty, stuff crammed into every nook and cranny, and nearly every wall covered so that you can barely tell what color the walls are. I'm also a HUGE fan of stuff that's just plain weird, and this shop is dripping in awesome weirdness! You know, the kind of things that you look at and wonder; "what the Hell were they smoking when they made this?!?" Like a monkey wearing a fez and smoking a cigarrette that poops out crushed ice. Oh yeah, I'd buy that!

Anyway, Kirk must have made quite an impression, because the owner; Devlin Thompson (what a cool name!), invited him to his house for a tour of his personal collection that completely overruns his house that he shares with his wife, Mandy. This is probably what my house would look like if I ever hit the lotto. And it would be my own, special "hobby house", b/c there's no way that the wife would go for this! So I'm definitely making plans to visit the store when we go back south. Read the whole story and see the rest of the pics here.

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