Friday, March 24, 2017

New Venture: Crypto-Gear!!

Hi guys, I've been on a long vacation cookin' up a new idea based on Cryptozoology creatures, and I've started a Kickstarter campaign for the first wave of 4 characters; Bigfoot, Nessie, The Yeti and Mothman. For those of you not familiar with Kickstarter, it's an all-or-nothing crowdfunding program, so that means if the goal isn't met, you aren't obligated to contribute, and if the goal is met, you get some really cool swag from yours truly!

The reason why I am doing a kickstarter campaign vs just selling online is simple; BULK DISCOUNT. I can't afford to buy a huge amount of inventory up front, and that means I am restricted to ONLY selling online and making it harder to grow the business. If I am successful, all of the money made will go right back into buying more inventory so that I can set up at conventions, art walks, retail outlets, etc. Right now, the merchandise is limited to T-Shirts, hats, patches and messenger bags, but I would like to expand into polo shirts, backpacks, drinkware, pins, keychains, toys and much, much more!

After I get Crypto-Gear up and rolling, I plan on taking the 3-D Monster brand to Kickstarter and doing the exact same thing! It's a little trickier with the 3-D Monster stuff because there are potential copyright issues with much of the art that need to be ironed out. It wasn't a big deal before when it was on a smaller scale, but I can't go to Target with an unlicensed Mechagodzilla design and ask them to carry it in their stores. The beauty of cryptids is that NO ONE owns the rights - it's all in the public domain!

So there you have it! Time to get those credit cards out and order some sweet, sweet gear! Unlike a lot of Kickstarter campaigns, I'm not going to charge $50 for a t-shirt or $10 for a damn sticker. My prices are the same retail prices that I plan on putting on the website once it's up. Thanks so much for your support! 
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