Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Here They Are; The Top Ten Most Awesome Cars in Pop-Culture History!!!

 #10.) The Munster's Koach: Well, it's really a tie between the Koach and Dragula, but since the Koach is slightly more iconic, I went with it. My apologies to Rob Zombie.

 #9.) The Mach 5: I was too young to catch the original run of the series, but I spent many a late evening in my teens and early twenties watching Pixie and Chim-Chim get slung around in the trunk of this marvel of Japanese engineering on MTV!

#8.) K.I.T.T.: As a kid in the early eighties, whenever Knight Rider came on TV, I don't care what was goin' on, but shit stopped as soon as we saw this black beauty with it's "purring" red LED's!

#7.) The Landspeeder From "Star Wars": I can remember seeing ads in comics selling blueprints for a "real working hovercraft" years before Star Wars hit the screens, and when the movie came out, my 4 year-old mind thought; "WOW - they sent off for those blueprints and made it EVEN BETTER!!!" I've wanted one ever since.

 #6.) Ecto-1: Are you kiddin' me? A 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor limo-style hearse converted into a bad-ass ghost-bustin' machine in one of the best movies of all time; that's what we call a no-brainer.

 #5.) James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 From Goldfinger: This car is the embodiment of SuperSexyCool. I'm getting a boner just looking at it.

#4.) The Mystery Machine: Wow, that was an abrupt turn! This psychedelic Chevy has solved more mysteries and hit more bongs than any other van in America!

#3.) The DeLorean From "Back to The Future": Even though the third one kinda blowed,(search your soul; you know it's true) 
this is still the best car to hit 88 MPH in!

#2.) The General Lee: In the eighties, every pubescent boy in the world was torn between wanting to get into this '69 Dodge Charger, or into Daisy Duke's... er, um... Daisy Dukes.

 #1.) The Batmobile: Every kid wants to be a superhero, and Batman teaches us that with enough training, billions of dollars, and a slightly disturbing preoccupation with boys in tight green undies, you too, can be a superhero! Batman had it all; a mansion, a butler, tons of cool gadgets, an awesome costume, the ULTIMATE man-cave and the coolest ride to ever hit the streets! While the Batmobiles from the first series of films and the Bat-Tumbler are all super-cool, the 1966 Batmobile will always be tops with me!

Well, that's it; the most awesome iconic cars in pop-culture history! I had a hard time making this list, and here are a few honorable mentions that didn't quite make it;

The 1976 Ford Gran Torino from "Starskey & Hutch"
The Flintstone's "Flintmobile"
That red car from "The Monkeys"
Black Beauty from "The Green Hornet"
and finally, that cute lil' red and white golf cart that Tattoo drove around in on "Fantasy Island"

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