Saturday, March 29, 2014

Wouldn't That Just Be a Kick in The Head?!?

Lately, there has been a growing theory that AMC's mega-hit, Breaking Bad, might actually be a prequel to it's equally mammoth hit, The Walking Dead. Apparently, the theory is built upon Merle's pre-walker occupation as a drug dealer with possible ties to Jessee Pinkman. While I'm not necessarily sold on the theory, I do think it would be a genius move on the part of AMC, and keeping with the popular trend of merging popular franchises ala Marvel's The Avengers.

For more details on the theory, click here.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

At First, I Was All Like; "Aww Hell's No!", But Now I'm Like; "Well, Maybe."

Just When You Thought Breaking Bad Couldn't Get Any Better...

I'm probably the last person to catch this, but here it is anyway - my son turned me on to this alternate ending that is sheer genius!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Nananananana BAT-SCOOTER!

Since I can't afford the BATMOBiLE or the Bat-Bike, I figured that Batman should have a practical mode of transport to zip through the city on and still get 90+ miles to the gallon. Enter the Bat-Scooter! Built on a 2002 Honda Elite 80' the Bat-Scooter is fitted with all of the same high tech gadgets as the Batmobile and the Bat-Bike. Such as; a low AND high-beam headlight, not one but FOUR state of the art turn signals, fold-away foot pegs for Robin (or my wife), plenty of tiny storage compartments, AND an intimidating rear brake light that prevents my enemies from sneaking up from behind and ramming me! Pretty sweet, huh?


That's right, just like bad penny or a scorching case of herpes, I have returned! Comin' atcha from the frozen wasteland of Maine and ready to wreck havoc within the fanboy community!
Where have I been? Why haven't I posted since December 'effing fifth?!? 
Well, to put it simple and true; I got bored. Not a life threatening illness, injury, imprisonment, or even a top secret mission that took me to a third world country on a mission to overthrow a facist government. I just got tired of posting.
Possibly, my disgust over the character designs for the Spider-Man sequel could have played a factor (yes, I can be that petty), but who knows for sure? In fact, this is the first time I have even looked at the blog since December, and much to my surprise, my numbers have actually increased in that time! Crazy, huh? Anywho, like an absentee father coming off of a 4-month bender,  I have come back to my neglected child. 
I sincerely hope you can all forgive me and continue the journey with me!

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