Saturday, June 7, 2014

Check Out Ronan The Accuser in This Latest Clip From Guardians of The Galaxy!

I love it when they get the look right!! Ronan looks just like his comic book counterpart; check out the comparison below the video.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

This is The Best Song on The Radio Right Now...

"Lazaretto" by Jack White;

And here is a picture of my sister, brother in-law and Jack White in New Orleans earlier today... I hate her.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Best Weekend... EVER!!!

My weekends are usually pretty awesome; weather and money permitting, of course. However, this weekend will definitely go on the books as one of the best ever! Friday started with perfect weather; mid 60's and tons of sun. When I got off from work, I took a scooter ride through the city and stopped by my favorite comic book store; Casablanca Comics. There, I found an issue of the Amazing Spider-man that I needed for my collection. When I went up to pay, I was told that I had a $5 back issue credit! After that, I went back home to meet my family to go out to our favorite Japanese buffet and then to see X-Men (which was just behind X2 as best in the franchise)! Not a bad Friday, eh?

Most of Saturday was spent yard-sailing around the city in which I found a pair of my favorite style of boot-cut jeans and a practically brand-new Sublime t-shirt. After lunch, the wife and I hopped on the scooter and went to the "Flea For All"; a great antique & collectible shop featuring three-stories of dusty goodness! There we found an antique tribal mask for our bedroom. After that, we tried out a new antique and collectible shop called "" on Forest Ave. This place has a wide variety of collectibles, including my favorites; comics and toys! It was here that I had my biggest weekend score; a copy of the Amazing Spider-Man #20 featuring the 1st appearance of one of my favorite villains; The Scorpion, in Very Good+ condition for... wait for it... $30!!! Marked down from $50!!! Those of you in the know are aware of what an amazing deal this was. I also had the chance to meet and haggle with Charlie; the owner of this fine establishment and one helluva nice guy. There is no doubt I will be back for more! Later, we went out to dinner at The Portland Lobster Company, where we got to sit out on the water and enjoy the best Lobster Roll in Maine with fried clams and yummy beer! But wait, there's more; we finished off our evening by roaming the city and catching the hilarious new Jon Favreau flick; Chef.

Today, we spent nearly the entire day hanging out on the beach, playing Bocce Ball with the family and cooking burgers on the grill. Not too shabby of a weekend, huh?

Thursday, May 29, 2014

3-D Monster; It's What All Fashionable Aussies Are Wearing...

I'm totally tooting my own horn here, but I am sooo excited that ; a popular book/toy/clothing/art/video store in Marrickville, New South Wales Australia, is selling my very own 3-D Monster t-shirts! Actually, this is the second order as they sold out of the first one! Don't they look swell displayed on the rack?

The only sad part of this story is that I sell more shirts in Australia than in MY OWN FUCKING COUNTRY!!! So yeah, there's that. I guess I'll need to come up with a slick marketing campaign and some sort of catchphrase, huh? Perhaps something like this; "don't piss me off... BUY MY FUCKING SHIRTS!!" Yeah, I like the sound of that :-)

More Pics of The New Batmobile and Batman in COLOR!

We saw it from the back and covered in a tarp, Then the mid-section was seen but partly obscured by both smoke and some guy in a suit blocking the way. 

While said guy has now become the subject of the popular Sad Batman meme, two more unofficial photos have emerged via social media giving us a better look at the new look Batmobile to be seen in Zack Snyder's "Batman vs. Superman".

The first is from Blue Realm Studios' and was posted almost two days ago, showcasing what is claimed to be a "model sculpture" for the top of the vehicle.
The second one popped up on earlier today, this one a front on ground level shot of the car and with the wheels and chassis attached. I'm not sure... a little too dune buggy-ish and not bat-ish enough. 

Finally, here's a good side-by-side comparison of Affleck's Batman and "The Dark Knight Returns" Batman - pretty damn similar!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

FINALLY! I Found a Display Cabinet!

I had great luck while yard-sailing this weekend; I scored this great display case with lighting for $10!!! The only defect is that the glass on the door is missing, but you can hardly tell as it simply looks like the glass is really, really clean. Ever since we moved to Portland, I've had most of my toy collection still boxed up, so it's great to be able to display them again. I still have the two shelves in the hallway with plenty of eye candy, and some of my collection is still boxed up, but I'm getting there! 

Feel free to email me pictures of how you display your own collection at and I'll be happy to include them in another post!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

In Honor of The Release of X-Men: Days of Future Past...

I thought you might like to see the X-Men's first ever video appearance. It was waay back in 1966, and they appeared on an episode of the Sub-Mariner featuring more Marvel hero's than you can shake an ultimate nulifier at! Be sure to laugh at Dr. Dooms metal lips and Iceman's goofy-ass running!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Ben Affleck's Sad Batman Has a Shitload O' Memes!

Y'know, choosing a "first look" photo for an upcoming superhero blockbuster should be a lot like picking your child's name; make sure it's something people can't make fun of.

Batman vs Superman Has an Official Title and Logo!

Zack Snyder's upcoming ensemble superhero film finally has a title: Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The film will see Henry Cavill reprise his role as Superman from Snyder's 2013 Man of Steel and Ben Affleck filling the role of Batman — who we got a first look at in costume just the other week. A number of other heroes and villains are set to turn up in the film, including Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg), and Cyborg (Ray Fisher). Filming has already started for the movie, but it'll be a long time yet before you can watch it: it's set to open on May 6th of 2016.

So, is The New Batsuit Really One Color? Kevin Smith Says F**k NO!

Zack Snyder's reveal last week of Ben Affleck in the new Batsuit had the interwebs a'buzzin with praise and condemnation. Lots of slightly retarded fans thought that everything in the photo was a dull gray, not realizing that it was a monochrome photo. Luckily, Kevin Smith is here to set the record straight;
 "As you may remember, I saw a photo of the Batsuit many months ago, and many people asked online, 'Is that the picture you saw?' No, that is a very cool picture, but that is not the picture I saw. They put it on a fake rooftop, and they lit it up. But it was in color, and you could see every piece of detail. So I've seen some people online go, 'Why is this f***ing suit any different than the Chris Nolan Batsuit, it's all one f***ing color.' It's like, 'Dude, that's a monochrome photo. You know what that means, one chrome. ..."That's not a representation of what the suit looks like. So what the suit looks like, and I was always kind of keeping it quiet until they revealed it, but they've revealed it. And you can kind of see, and anybody that… you've seen some people take the picture and color it online. If you want to see what this f***ing suit looks like, you just go to Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, go to the third book, Hunt the Dark Knight…it's the exact f***ing outfit he's wearing."

So, here's the suit with the color tweaks, and a pic of Bats from the third book of DKR (don't worry; girl Robin won't be in the film)

Monday, May 19, 2014

First Look: Trailer #2 For Marvel's Guardians of The Galaxy!

Man o man, the more I see of this the more excited I become, AND it comes out on my birthday! It may be a hard sell to mainstream audiences who've never heard of any of these characters, but I think it'll kick ass!

Who's Ready For More Giant Lizard Shennanigans?!?

First off, if you haven't seen Godzilla yet, get off yer ass and get to it! It was a life-altering experience akin to a spiritual awakening! Well, maybe not that good, but it's cool to see giant monsters duking it out. The main (and really only) complaint that I have heard was in reference to the limited screen time given to the king of all monsters. While I can see why they thought this, I felt that it was important to the story development to hold him back a bit, but that's just me. There's also a scene that will have fanboys everywhere writhing in geek-tastic ecstasy! 

That brings us to the latest news; Godzilla roared into theaters on Thursday night with a killer showing of $9.3 million from Thursday previews. That was added into the Friday gross of $38.5 million, which was on par with some of the other recent openers, but even with a slight drop on Saturday, it was still able to become the third movie to open with over $90 million in the past two months–following Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The Amazing Spider-Man 2–with an estimated $93.2 million take for the weekend. 

Because of this spectacular opening weekend for the film, Warner Bros. has confirmed that there will, indeed be a sequel! Legendary Pictures, which put up 75% of the money to make the film (Warner Bros. took care of the rest), is now Universal Pictures' partner, but Legendary and Warner Bros. will team on the sequel again. It is assumed that director Gareth Edwards would return to direct. While it's too soon to tell what the storyline will be for the sequel, I'm hoping it looks a bit like this;

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Separated at Birth?

Go ahead and laugh... it feels good.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Rememeber The 3-D Monster Van?

One of my biggest regrets is selling that awesome van. I only sold it because the engine blew and at the time we were planning on moving back to Alabama, so I really couldn't afford to sink $2000 + into it at the time. But as I was looking through Craigslist today for custom vans, I was reunited;

So, I figure $1000 for the van and approx $2500 for engine and repairs. Who wants to be a pal and float me $3500? I'll give you free advertising for a whole year! Plus, if any of you have forgotten, here is the design I mocked up for it;


3-D Monster: The Best In Pictures

Hey gang, I just realized something fun; my Google+ page has been compiling nearly every picture that I have ever posted on 3-D Monster! I rarely even look at my page, but I connect every 3-D Monster posting directly to it. Here's another fun fact; somehow I have over 12 million hits on my page!

 I did a bit of research, and apparently 16,000 hits is considered pretty damn good. I have absolutely no idea how this happened, because I'm close to only one million hits on 3-D Monster. Anyone have a clue why it's so high, and how can I turn those hits into dollars? I'll be happy to share! I've chosen a few choice pics from the page below, but you can see them all

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